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FiveFingers | Source: www.vibramfivefingers.comOn Sunday, I’m running a 10K charity race. Normally, this wouldn’t be much of an issue for me as I usually train year round and do multiple 10K’s a week. But last October, I very badly sprained my ankle and I only started running again in January. Since I basically had to rebuild my ankle from scratch, it has been a slow process. On top of that, I figured since I was starting from scratch anyways, might as well build up my ankle in the Vibram FiveFingers I bought last summer. If you don’t know what those are, they’re basically very minimalist shoes with toes, that are intended to mimic walking barefoot. They also tend to attract a lot of attention when you where them around town on an every day basis. But getting back to the run, the most I’ve run since October is 7K, and that only happened once. My body is used to running 5K’s for the last few months and it is not going to like me very much on Sunday. But maybe this will reinvigorate me and put me back into a running spirit for the summer! I’m hoping for that at the very least…

Last week’s article, Planning a Green Frugal Wedding – Venue, was included in a bundle of blog carnivals, including:

Thanks to all the Carnival hosts! To wrap up this edition of Links Grow on Trees, here’s three articles I read in the blogosphere this week, and they all share a common theme…haven’t had much time to read this week, so good job to these blogs for getting my attention – or maybe there’s just something on my mind?

Happy weekend everyone and wish me luck!

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    • Thanks Jeremy! Whether or not they give an advantage depends on who you ask. I personally have come to be convinced in the last year by the argument put forth that running barefoot is better for your health and your performance. Others will disagree and call me crazy depending on what they believe in. There is a book called Born to Run that is a must-read for anyone interested in the debate, I may do a review here on it one day.
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