Landing a Job After MBA

It is obvious that when you opt for post-graduation with an MBA, you dream for a fat-salaried, prestigious job instead of a petty one. But your dream will be realized only when you systematically use your qualification to impress an employer. So how do you do it? Let’s see.


Contrary to popular belief, this process does not involve sheer luck. Even before joining an MBA you have to perform a market survey. Check which specialization is more popular in placements and try to see if it suits your strengths and abilities well.

When you plan to become a master in Business Administration, it means that you are expected to become a master of all business skills. So start your strategy of becoming a master from the very first day. Acquire leadership by taking the initiative, take the lead in various events, and participate in as many debates and job fairs as you can. If your course duration is two years, keep a watch on the placements of your seniors and stay in touch with them. Read business trends frequently and find placement opportunities. It’s all about maximizing your spread by ‘marketing’ your skills.


Nowadays, it is a norm for everyone to have social media accounts on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. These platforms provide up-to-date knowledge of the hottest business trends. The primary advantage though, is that it multiplies the number of acquaintances in your professional network. So when you are seeking out those hidden jobs, there’s a chance that you will remain their sights long enough for them to recommend you in campus interviews. This is because it is easy to get a job by reference than by going through the heavily clichéd and clumsy recruitment procedures.


You are not in a school which allows backbenchers to get the same marks as front seaters. This is the big bad world where you have to market yourselves, your skills and your abilities. And the best marketing tactic is to wrap yourself in an attractive package to be presentable at all times. The reasoning behind this is that although you may be highly intelligent and possess an excellent academic career, your person accounts heavily in the recruitment process. So be enthusiastic, smart and promising.


By the time you are willing to show your caliber, the internship period arrives. Try for the best match between your personal situation and the company you choose. This presents you with two advantages. Firstly, the company may absorb you by observing your talent and secondly, you’ll have credits in your profile of having worked in one of the best companies.

While in an internship, you must convince that you are useful for company’s growth by your deeds. Generally, managers are meant for getting the work done, and the company wants a reliable one. Show them that you have completed your tasks to their satisfaction. So they know your ability to solve complex problems, ability to work with different type of people, manage them in teamwork, project deadline, and marketing. Employers seldom select distinction holders in academics. Instead, they crave experience in a particular field more. A smart business world needs smart workers, not theorists.

For getting a good internship, always show the work you have done. Do not be shy. Mind well that good propaganda can sell stones and dirt, but without any marketing, you cannot sell even diamonds.


The packaging is only a start. The contents better are worth it. Smart employers can quickly weed out fake products. Take your GPA [grade point average]seriously and get the best credits you can and include it in your CV. Make your CV as attractive as possible, because recruiters are bored with scrutinizing mundane applications with standard formats unless the company policies state otherwise.

The routine campus-based MBAs have many advantages, and these practices will come in handy. But if you are opting for an online MBA, you need more preparation than what’s listed here. The world is changing at an incredible pace. Run with it and grab the opportunities, lest you get left behind.

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