Environmental Benefits of Industrial Recycling

The environment in the recent past has been suffering greatly because of how waste is managed. Mane irresponsible companies have been throwing away waste materials and unused machinery which is unsightly and waste so much space. It is the responsibility of any industry to manage their own waste instead of waiting for community and government intervention. In a typicalindustry,some metals can be recycled. Note that we are not discussing plastics because many industries have embraced plastic recycling already.

  • Lead – the dangers of lead to the environment and the society at large are too high. Therefore it is a must that it is recycled. It is found in small quantities in smoke detectors, medical equipment and in small and large batteries.
  • Copper – this is an expensive metal that is used is much industrial equipment. It is a good conductor therefore used in wiring. It is also used in plumbing. Its appearance makes its application as a decorative metal easier. Due to its many applications and its cost, it is a good and cost-effective metal to recycle.
  • Steel – Steel is used in manufacturing a lot of industrial machinery and has been recycled for many years. A notable characteristic is that steel retains its initial value even after it has been recycled hence still useful in manufacturing other industrial equipment. Its recycling is also energy efficient therefore kind on the environment.
  • Aluminium–it is a common metal, found in cans, roofing sheets and other sheet metals and in the body of cars. It is easy to recycle because there is so much of it already in the environment and it is also cheaper than making more.

So, what are some of the environmental benefits of recycling industrial machinery?

  1. It’s kind on the environment

Industrial machinery that is no longer in use has a lot of different metals that can be recycled. The extraction of metal ores is an environmental hazard because of the poisonous gases that are released into the environment. This is because, pure metal has to be extracted from the impure ores, a process which leads to the emission of greenhouse gases to the environment. Recycling metals already in the environment would reduce greenhouse gases in the air by close to 500 million tons which is a very significant amount.

  • Energy conservation

Processing metal from metal ores requires a lot more energy than recycling. Recyclable metals are already in their pure form;therefore extracting them requires less processing and the methods used are easier than getting them from metal ores. The processing of metal from metal ores depletes the already dwindling natural minerals. It is clear that there is already enough metals in circulation and it would be better if we recycled the ones not in use to reduce the waste on the environment and reduce energy consumption during manufacturing new metal.

  • Job creation

Although not directly impactful to the environment, recycling creates jobs in the environmental conservation industry. Not only will it create jobs for the millions of people that are currently unemployed across the world, but it shall alsocultivate the culture of recycling. A ton of scrap metal would require 350 people to recycle it into usable metal. The recycling industry is already boasting of at least two hundred billion dollars in revenue. Imagine the increase if more people embraced industrial metal recycling?

  • Reusability

Industrial equipment is very expensive especially if it is bought new. Many startups and small businesses cannot afford to purchase certain equipment and rely on used machinery that bigger industries no longer need or use. With a litter pair, another person can make good use of machinery that would have otherwise gone into a landfill or warehouse. Most industries dispose of equipment when newer technology comes and not necessarily because the old machine doesn’t work. Therefore, one doesn’t need to worry about getting bad quality used machinery in most cases.

  • Innovation

Necessity is the mother of invention and the same can be said during recycling. Once people embrace recycling, more energy-friendly ways can be discovered and explored which is good news for the environment. People will also find new items to make from all scrap metals and waste materials that could serve another purpose.

Recycling has existed for a very long time,but more people need to be aware of it. The benefits to the environment cannot be ignored and should be used to advance the 12th Sustainable Development Goal – Responsible consumption and production.

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