Tesla’s Roof Tile Project

Since Tesla announced that they would be manufacturing a solar panel product that homeowners can install on their roofs, interest has been growing about how this system will work and what the costs will be. This information has now been released so people are finally able to work out whether they will benefit from having Tesla solar tiles installed on their building.

How Much Will The Tiles Cost?

Tesla offer the tiles for an ‘all inclusive fee’ which includes all the installation costs and the removal of the old roof as well as the tiles themselves and all materials that are needed for the installation. It should also be noted that there is an ‘infinity’ guarantee on the panels themselves which means that there should never be any maintenance costs that you are faced with further down the line.

The actual cost of each tile is $21.85 per square foot. The price that you will pay for your home depends on how big your roof is. Tesla estimate that at least 40% of your roof will need to be covered in order to get the best out of the system. When you contact Tesla for a quote they will be able to take an exact measurement of your roof so they can tell you exactly how much it will cost.

Are There Any Other Charges?

If you want to be able to continue to use electricity when the rest of the grid is down then you may want to consider adding a Powerwall to your system. This will also allow you to use more of the energy that is produced by the solar tiles which can save you more money on your energy bills. This is optional but if you do decide to go ahead with having this system installed then it will cost another $7000. If you live in an area where you experience a lot of power outages, then this may be worth the extra investment. This will mean you can carry on doing all your favourite activities such as online gambling at Red Flush without having to worry that you will experience a sudden loss of power.

There may also be local charges to pay such as taxes and permit fees but this will depend on the authority in the area where you live.

What Will The Savings Be On Energy Bills?

The exact amount of savings will depend on many factors such as the amount of electricity that you use and how many tiles you are able to fit on your roof. When you get in touch with Tesla then they will be able to work out a personalised quote with regards to how much you could potentially save.

The decision about whether to get Tesla tiles installed on your property will depend on a number of factors. You will have to think about your own particular circumstances to assess whether it will be worth it financially. However, early indications of the pricing structure show that you will not have to win the jackpot at Red Flush Online Casino to make the installation of Tesla solar tiles affordable. If you need any help working out the sums for your property, then this may be something that the company will be able to help you with.

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