Going Green in Life Insurance

Stack of Paper | Source: striatic on FlickrIf you’re looking for businesses that are strong candidates to go green, you might put the life insurance industry near the top of the list. With no physical product being produced, what is there to consume? You might be surprised.

The amount of driving, the number of couriers, and the stacks of paper needed to complete one sale is astounding. Every time someone buys life insurance and they fill out a hard copy of the application, the agent has to make a copy. It then has to be couriered off to the insurance wholesaler who takes another copy before sending the original file to the insurance company. If the selling agent is meeting with the client face to face then it adds another car to the road.

So what’s keeping the insurance industry from becoming better stewards of the environment? Motivation. Most insurers are fine with the status quo and don’t appreciate the savings of going green. Here are a few things that could help this industry go green.

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