Links Grow on Trees – Freelance Jobs Don’t

Photographer | Source: J_Arrr! on FlickrThis past week, I completed my first ever freelance photography job, shooting the interiors of a small chain of local coffee shops. I had a blast and it paid reasonably well, though part of my income got eaten away when I had to replace a lens that broke on the first day of the job. Murphy’s Law right! I’m hoping this will lead to more freelance opportunities – while I was shooting one of the stores, a customer came up to me to ask about my rates. Apparently, he is looking for someone to shoot some portraits of him for his online dating profile. I gave him my contact info but haven’t heard anything from him. I learned a major lesson about freelancing from this one gig – freelance jobs don’t grow on trees. Getting freelance jobs is 10% skill on the job and 90% marketing yourself. I didn’t have any business cards with me or really any sense about how I wanted to sell myself to potential future clients. In fact, I was totally caught off guard by the entire situation. It actually didn’t even occur to me that someone might see me working on this job and inquire about my services. So for now, I’m hoping my 10% skill might get me another future job with this same customer, and in the meantime, I’m going to start working on the other 90%.

One of last week’s posts, Stop Shopping for Groceries Now! was featured in several blog carnivals this week, including:

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Finally, here’s a look at what I’ve been reading in the blogosphere this week:

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