How to Avoid Foreclosure

When you own a home and are financing it through a mortgage, the biggest and most important thing to avoid is foreclosure. Foreclosure is the action of taking possession of a mortgaged property when the homeowner fails to keep up their mortgage payments. Basically, if you don’t make payments to the mortgage company than your house will be taken from you. The most obvious way to avoid your house being foreclosed upon is to pay your bill on time and don’t get behind on payments. The best way to prevent this is to obtain a Canadian mortgage rate that you can afford. There are also a few other tips you can follow if you encounter a situation where you might have trouble keeping up.


The key thing for borrowers is to communicate with the lenders. Most lenders are easily accessible online but they can be contacted via phone as well. If you have any indication that you might have trouble making your payment to the mortgage company than let them know. If you make a phone call to make them aware of a short or long term hardship than they are more than likely to be understanding. Ignoring the problem is the worst thing you can do. When you ignore them and don’t send money or don’t answer their phone calls when they call to collect than you will incur more finance charges, debt collector notices and possible reporting to collection agencies. Once they understand the problem than they will probably work with you.

Get Help

If an unforeseen hardship or life event occurs, it is also good to use the resources available to you. There are many organizations that offer applications for assistance depending on your circumstances.

Avoid Scams

Because people are so desperate during these times, they also fall into the arms of scammers who try to take advantage of them. People are out there who look for people close to foreclosure and they prey on them. Be sure you are on your toes at all times when it comes to disclosing your information. A big indicator of this is that they may ask for a fee before providing services.

By following these helpful tips, you will be able to maneuver through a financial hardship if it comes your way.

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