Types of Credit Cards

Every household has credit cards, and just like most things there are many types available to meet your family’s needs. People may need credit cards to cover high expenses such as donations they don’t have the liquid funds for or people may just want to use credit cards for its rewards and benefits available. Either way there are many websites available for you to shop around explore the options available to you. Below is a quick outline of the different types that can help you begin your research.

Cash Back

Cash back credit cards are a type of credit card where they offer a benefit of a percentage of money spent on the card will be paid back to the consumer. This type of credit card is most beneficial to consumers who can pay their card off right away. A card like BMO CashBack credit card review can help you earn money while spending money. What a great benefit.

Balance Transfers

There is a type of credit card that allows you to transfer your balance from another credit, this is called a balance transfer. Sometimes people find themselves with a high balance on their credit card and are paying high interest. They can transfer their balance to a different card that may offer better rates or rewards. Some credit card companies offer zero interest on balance transfers for a period of time. This is helpful to people and can help them chip away at their outstanding balance.


If you and your family like to travel, there are many cards out there that offer amazing rewards for travel. By spending money you can earn rewards points towards things like hotels, flights, etc. The more you spend on your credit card the more you may be able to get a free vacation. This is a very good type of card for those that pay off their cards each month. If you have the money to spend anyways why not earn free vacations?

Low Interest

One item that hits everyone hard with credit cards are interest rates. Most companies will charge you an arm and a leg to carry a balance. If you are expecting to have a high outstanding balance it is best to research companies that offer a low interest rate, otherwise you are spending money on top of what you already owe just on interest.


Just like the travel rewards, many people use credit cards purely for the rewards and benefits they offer. Rewards can be store specific or general (money towards gas, food, etc.). These rewards can be very helpful towards fun entertainment or everyday expenses. If you have the money why not use your credit card, earn rewards, and just pay it off right away.

All of these are examples of the credit card options available to you. Do your research and find out which is best for you and your family.

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