Ways to be Charitable

With all that is going on in the world a lot of people are looking for ways to give back and be charitable. Who doesn’t want to be a good person and pay it forward when they can? Sometimes you don’t have the money to throw at organizations but there are other ways you can be charitable and be helpful to others who may not be as fortunate as you.

Attend Events

There are always events going on either in your community or nationally that are fundraisers for charities. Just by going to the event you are raising awareness and helping the cause. Typically tickets are sold to attend the event and those funds go towards the cause.

Donate Goods

If you have anything around your house that you don’t use or need you can donate them to those in need. Anything from unused baby diapers, baby toys, clothes, books, towels, etc. can all have a helpful use at different charities who collect those items. Go through your house and collect unwanted items and find charities that match those needs.

Donate Money

The obvious way to be charitable is to donate money directly to the cause. Every little bit can go a long way to most charities and if everyone just gave the little extra they have then it will add up to something big. There is also the option for a credit card that donates to charity. You spend money on the card and a portion is donated to your charity.


If you can’t attend an event than you can sponsor an event. Many families and businesses help local charities by sponsoring events that raise awareness to special causes. By being a sponsor you are giving money to the group in order for them to make the event happen.

Donate profits

If you own a business you can donate a percentage of your profits to your favorite cause. You can advertise you are doing this and people will know they are helping out just by buying from you or using your service.

Make a good or product to be sold

If you have a talent of making a tangible goods than it is possible to start making them to be sold to raise funds for your favorite charity. Clothes, foods, jewelry are examples of items that you can make in your home and sell to your family and friends to make money. Even kids can be charitable by doing things like a lemonade stand to generate money for their cause.

So if there is a group that you want to donate to or help than there are many ways to do so. Don’t feel helpless in these trying times.

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