Eco-Friendly alternatives you can use

Our planet is dying at a rate faster than once predicted. Given this sobering fact, it is now more imperative than ever for people all over the globe to change their behaviour and adopt more environmentally friendly practices. There are a number of alternatives that can be used in an effort to help the environment.

Reusable Napkins

One of the worst single use items to the environment are paper napkins. Unable to be recycled especially when they have been soiled with waste, napkins can cause a lot of unwanted trash. However, there is an easy solution to this. Opt for reusable organic cotton napkins. They can be used over and over again with proper care and washing. This eliminates the amount of waste in landfills.

Online Scratch Cards

Scratch cards were first introduced in the 70’s and since then have become popular as a form of gambling. These traditional paper cards need a coin or a key to scratch off the foil to reveal whether or not the card is a winner. Like many other items that have traditionally been made of paper, these have also been revamped to be more environmentally friendly. Scratch cards can now be purchased at online casinos in an electronic format. To reveal the hidden symbols, a mouse is used.

Baby Food Pouches

Purchasing baby food in convenient single serving containers has always been practical for busy moms. Today, given the amount of waste this practice produces, moms are questioning the logic of this considering its effects on the planet. As an alternative to traditional containers, reusable baby food pouches are becoming popular. They are easy to use and are safe for use in both the freezer and dishwasher.

Now is the time for consumers to be even more conscious of the footprint they are leaving. While these are just three ways of reducing this impact, there are even more ways in which consumers can be environmentally friendly.

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