5 Tips That Improve Your Local SEO Effort

Your efforts at local search engine optimization are good, but are they everything they should be? Before assuming that you’ve done all that’s possible to provide accurate and authentic information to your target audience, it’s worth taking a second look at the local SEO efforts and see if there’s something you missed. There’s a good chance one of these tips will help you make a good thing better.

Start With a Professional Audit

Have you ever called in a professional to conduct some type of seo audit? If not, now’s the time to have it done. A professional will quickly identify the strong points of your efforts as well as areas where things could be improved. Even a few slight changes could increase traffic and increase your presence quite a bit.

Target Local Sites That Rank Higher

Are there local sites that rank high in major search engine rankings? Newspaper websites are a good example. As part of your local SEO effort, cultivate relationships with the operators of those sites. The idea is to motivate them to include information about your business on those sites. The links from high-ranking sites back to your website will definitely lead to more traffic.

Pay Attention to Your Title Tags

Could your title tags use some work? Maybe they are not specific enough to make the connection to the area where you are seeking new customers. Adding some type of data that identifies locations does improve the odds of placing higher on search engine results. If you provide services in a major metropolitan area, tags such as “basement renovations in the GTA” will help. You can also target specific cities within that metropolitan area. The team who manage your SEO audit can make suggestions based on where you want to seek more clients.

Enhance Your Internal Linking Structure

Have you thought much about the linking from one page on your site to another page? The goal is to set up links that are logical, allow visitors to get to whatever information they need, and in general make the experience pleasant for your readers. The links should serve a purpose and be relevant to the content on the page. Search engines note this type of helpful approach and are likely to reward you with higher local SEO rankings for those pages.

Clearly Connect Your Area With The Business

If you aren’t already, it’s time to put Google Maps, local listings, and citations on relevant sites to good use. The goal is to ensure all the major search engines understand where you are located and what areas you serve. Be clear and concise with the descriptions if you want to get the message across.

Remember that the SEO audit will likely reveal several other things you should do. Implement those ideas as quickly as possible and you should see an increase in search engine rankings and additional traffic in a short time.

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