Air Miles Cash – Deal or No Deal?

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Well, after two weeks of learning WordPress and tinkering with the site’s layout, I think its finally in pretty good shape and I can now start focusing on producing some amazing content!

First up, I got notice the other day in the mail about a change to the Air Miles program. As of March 5th, 2012, Air Miles is splitting their system up into two programs – ‘miles for cash’ and ‘miles for dreams’ (because I constantly dream about all the amazing things I’ll be able to do with my Air Miles rewards – its what gets me through the day). By default, all users will continue to earn ‘miles for dreams’, which is equivalent to the old system where you can exchange miles for everything from gift cards to flights. And all current miles can only be used for ‘dreams’ rewards. They are not allowing users to transfer existing miles into the ‘miles for cash’ program.

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Let It Begin!

Welcome to Earth and Money!

I know what you’re thinking…yet another personal finance/lifestyle blog! Isn’t the market saturated with those by now? What makes this blog worth reading over all the others out there?

Let me begin by answering those questions. The market probably is saturated, or if not, its getting pretty close. And whether or not you think this blog is worth reading is completely, totally, up to you. But I think its worth writing – in fact, I should have started writing this years ago. To understand how I got to where I am today, why don’t you read about me…

This blog is about two things that are near and dear to my heart – personal finance, and living a low-impact, sustainable, green lifestyle. Wow, that was a lot of buzz words! Seriously though, what really excites me even more is writing about how to combine the two. This blog is my journey towards financial security while minimizing my impact on the world we live in. And no, I don’t believe those two concepts are mutually exclusive. To get you excited, here are a few topics I’m planning to be cover in the near future:

  • Is Budgeting Necessary or is Awareness Enough? How tracking my finances allows me to live without a budget (a multi-part series).
  • Ethical Investing – What practices does your money support?
  • How to Save Your Money and the Environment at the Same Time – a multi-part series exploring things like taking advantages of common resources, eating real food without breaking the bank, DIY ways to lower your impact, and more.
  • What’s In My Food? Did you know that microwave popcorn is carcinogenic? And that for a fraction of the cost, you can make healthier popcorn in the same amount of time? This will be an ongoing series.

If you like what you see, and if you want to learn more, keep coming back or subscribe to make it even easier!

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